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who is mijo ?

MIJO makes fans 
We turn your employees into brand ambassadors, in an uncomplicated and completely transparent way. We use our know-how from more than 50 years of textile finishing, more than 12 years of e-commerce and more than 20 years of textile production.

MIJO was founded by Max in February 2020. Building on the knowledge and skills of the family business that Grandpa Ede founded in 1951, MIJO eventually became one of the market leaders in corporate branding with the support of CLINTON Großhandel GmbH. This allows us to easily implement smallest quantities from 10 pieces up to large volumes.


We make really cool stuff for you -

Our ONBOARDING BOXEN for your new team colleagues are the perfect welcome gift. You can interactively compile the box individually in our in-house MIJO CREATOR to get a free and non-binding offer first. For a particularly warm onboarding experience, combine CORPORATE FASHION and CORPORATE GOODIES. 

And what makes MIJO a pioneer in the field of corporate fashion is the professional background and the in-house professionals who design your own CORPORATE COLLECTION for you - more team spirit is not possible.

No matter what industry you are in, with MIJO BRAND you make a statement.

we push your corporate feelings

Welcome box? - here you are right

Onboarding boxes -
We provide you with the stuff that employee dreams are made of. Well, at least for the first day in the new job. We pack your branded goodies in cool boxes and, if you wish, we can also arrange for them to be sent directly to your new colleagues. Of course, we'll also store your boxes for you, so that you can conveniently call up your requirements at the click of a mouse.

Onboarding Backpack –
You want really sustainable onboarding? Then our Onboarding ToteBags or Backpacks are just the thing for you. The cotton bags or backpacks can be freely designed according to your CI and experience a second life as a stylish companion after unpacking.

No idea? No problem -
You want cool onboarding boxes or welcome gifts for your new employees but have no idea what to put in them? Then leave it to us. After a short briefing, we'll put together the perfect packages for you. Just make your choice and we'll take care of the rest.


MIJO-BRAND – lime 
MIJO-BRAND – circunomics 
MIJO-BRAND – amazon 
MIJO-BRAND – livebuy 
MIJO-BRAND – trade republic 
MIJO-BRAND – vaha 
MIJO-BRAND – infarm 
MIJO-BRAND – apeiron 
MIJO-BRAND – tonies 
MIJO-BRAND – bullfinch 
MIJO-BRAND – MIJO Kunde Chanel 

Umweltbewusst und Fair –
unsere zertifikate

MIJO cares about the environment.
Many of our articles are certified organic, OekoTex, PEFC and FairTrade. We focus on sustainable raw materials and CO2-reduced production. Constant controls and high quality standards are just as important to us as vegan and ethically produced articles - so that we can offer you the cream of the crop that you deserve, we and our partners always strive to never neglect quality.

we are different -
we are mijo

Individual and flexible -
Are you looking for very special products or do you want to produce your own styles? Then let's talk and we'll find the right stuff for you. Our in-house design team will put your ideas on paper and in our studios your wishes will come true.

We take care of everything -
So that you can concentrate on your business, we take over all the work steps for you. That means we take care of design, production, shipping, storage and, if desired, the right sales channel. You tell us what you want, we deliver and take care of everything else.

Always there and close
Our team is always at your disposal. We advise you completely free of charge and then take over all the work steps. You only get one deadline and can look forward to the finished product. Ready!

The Onboarding Box

Our Onboarding Boxes are available in various designs. There is the Green Box, which is produced in a particularly ecological and sustainable way, or the Luckybag, a really cheap and fully compostable "onboarding bag" that is reminiscent of the wonder bags from the kiosk. No matter whether it's a beginner's box or Premium-Box. MIJO offers you the right solution for every budget.

But much more important than the box alone are the goodies, i.e. the contents in the employee box. We offer you a large selection of interesting Merchandise-Artikeln, all of which can be customised to your CI in your corporate colours and with various printing techniques. The good thing is that we have selected the goodies in such a way that they can definitely be used outside the office.

For example, a cool sports towel or a sports drink bottle that ensures optimal employer branding in the gym. But we also offer various products for techies, such as a power bank or a travel charger. This way, you can choose the right Goodies to perfectly match your new employees.

We create the design of your onboarding box and the individual goodies and pack the boxes directly together. This saves you valuable time and you don't have to invest in extra staff.

And for all those who don't know where to put the boxes, we offer a storage service.

Employee gifts - a new trend

How do you handle the Onboarding process for your new employees so far? A short welcome and introduction to the team? Do you perhaps already have a small welcome gift for the new employees?

Every company has its own peculiarities. In most cases, this kind of onboarding doesn't really develop any further because people have had good experiences with the way the internal process has worked so far. But you probably haven't really asked whether it's going well the way it has so far, have you?

The trend in onboarding is more and more towards small employee gifts to make the start in the new job a little easier. You've probably heard of an onboarding box here or there. Small or large cardboard boxes that are printed with the company logo and a cool saying and hold all kinds of little goodies inside. From a notebook with a pen or a power bank to a water bottle or a sports towel. Of course, everything is in your corporate design.

Surveys we have conducted with our customers have shown that these employee boxes are extremely well received. Especially in private conversations, which usually take place between family and friends after the first day at work, companies that hand out such employee boxes do very well. This is simply because they show more appreciation for their new employees.