Everything has a beginning

Thank you grandad!

Expertise and fun at work.
Why we do what we do is because we are particularly good at it. For three generations, we have known what is important when it comes to corporate fashion, textile labelling and selecting the right garments. We have constantly optimised our production processes and adapted them to new, modern standards.

Modern standards? Things looked different in 1951...

Let's start at the beginning. 1951 Eduard Klostermann from Heiligenhaus founds the company ekaha. What sounds so complicated and mysterious is a combination of name and place of foundation - Eduard Klostermann Heiligenhaus. As our grandfather had always been familiar with textiles, in 1951 he made the acquaintance of an American company that manufactured textile printing machines and was looking for sales staff in Germany and Europe. A great synergy quickly developed and the business took off. However, there were no "standards" back then - so they improvised a lot and quickly converted an old caravan into Europe's first mobile textile printing company. Grandad Ede then took it on a European tour. Denmark, Norway, France, England, Spain... back then, it was all possible without having to speak a foreign language... with sign languages.

Grandpa Ede from Heiligenhaus with his sales van in Finland in 1969.
Map of the tour through Europe
From Düsseldorf to the North Pole

With a Borgward through Europe.

With a Borgward through Europe

1960 went on a big European tour. With a Borgward and a converted caravan, Grandpa Ede went on the road as "Dr Textile". The small sales representative for American patch systems quickly became an entrepreneur in his own right.

1988 Heribert Klostermann took over the management of ekaha and made the company one of the leading providers of textile labelling in Europe thanks to its high quality standards. Initially, hotels, catering and hospitals were ekaha's first major customers. The wash, boil and dry-clean resistant labelling solutions enabled the company to make a good name for itself in these sectors in particular.

At some point, the focus shifted to service companies that wanted to equip their employees with company clothing. This led to the first co-operations with large manufacturers of workwear and the like. In addition to the established and proven transfer labels and printing techniques, embroidery finishes were now increasingly used.

The next generation

The year 2020.

Because the next generation is now following in the footsteps of grandpa and dad, everything has to be made more modern, more colourful and cooler. Well, not that bad, but we also have MIJO our expertise together to offer a really cool fulfilment concept.
Our expertise in textile labelling and corporate fashion now meets knowledge and strategies from e-commerce and textile wholesale. This means we can offer you the all-round carefree package you deserve.

Onboarding boxes for new employees from MIJO-BRAND. Customised or prefabricated.
1954 to 2023

A look back to the old days.

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