Let us do the Work!
Your HR software goes MIJO...

We connect your HR tools to your customised Employer Shop free of charge. So you can pass on the full automated experience to your employees.

No effort - no work

MIJO and your HR tool

Our Employer Shop and order management systems offer you seamless integration into your existing HR tool. Our customised connection solution allows you to continue using your familiar tools while the processes run in your individual Employer Shop or order management system.

With the integration, you can import your employee data into your shop at the touch of a button and, for example, automatically send everyone voucher codes, credit or free products on special occasions.

Our solution also simplifies the process of sending Onboarding boxesAs soon as a new employee is registered in your HR tool, our system automatically triggers the dispatch without any additional effort on your part. Discover how MIJO saves time and creates added value - completely free of charge.

HR tools can be easily connected to MIJO systems

Connection to your HR software.

Our Employer Shops and order management systems can be easily connected to your existing HR tools and software programmes, for example to automatically send onboarding boxes.

As if by magic

Let the magic happen!

By connecting your HR software to your MIJO Emploer shop, you gain more options to provide your employees with an even better shopping experience. Congratulations or gifts for birthdays, weddings or the birth of a child. For Christmas or Easter. You decide what your shop should do thanks to the connection to your HR tool. 

No work and less stress on the HR office side. Thanks to fully automated processes, the most important things run all by themselves. Sending onboarding boxes, no problem. As soon as a new employee has been created in the software, our system knows when a box needs to be sent. Cool, isn't it?

How it works

Your HR tool and MIJO

All providers

No matter which software you use. We can use any API of your HR tool to establish the connection. You always have control over the data and which data should be released.

Fast & safe

Connecting your HR software to our MIJO systems usually takes just a few days. All queries run via protected servers in Germany.

No work, less stress

By connecting your HR software to our MIJO shop or order management solution, you have no additional workload. We take care of everything.

As long as you want

No fixed term.

We just want it, don't you? That's why we offer you absolute freedom and don't tie you to us with long terms. We know you'll love our service. 

If you are only looking for a temporary solution, such as for a project or a launch, then that's no problem either. 

To ensure that we are all on the safe side, only an AVV (Order data processing contract), which regulates the handling of personal data on our website.