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onboarding boxes

personalised boxes even for small teams

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Our onbaording boxes really put you in a good mood in the office. A small gift for the first day at work makes for a stronger "we" feeling and a better image.

MIJO delivers the branded Onboarding Boxes directly to your office or home. Packed with your favourite goodies, of course. Together we'll put together the perfect welcome gift for your new colleagues.

Then we take care of the rest. Packing, storing and shipping...no problem with our 360° service. This way you have time for your job and no additional burden.



mijo green box

Made from 100% recycled materials. Biodegradable, it can't harm Mother Nature.

The Green Box is actually perfect for start-ups or smaller companies. Due to the low minimum order quantity of only 30 pieces, this biodegradable employee box will always find a place with you. And if not, we'll store them for you and send your boxes on demand.

With the cool craft look of the green box or the somewhat cleaner look of the full-colour version, this onboarding box is always the right choice. The feel is high-quality and the materials are made from recycled raw materials. So you can hand out a really cool welcome box to your new employees with the best of conscience and they will definitely appreciate it.


mijo premium box

High-quality materials, a cool finish and the magnetic closure make this staff box a real eye-catcher.

The Premium Onboarding Box is made from sustainable materials and Made in Germany. The box can be produced completely in your desired colour.

But it's not just the look that is top-notch - the moment when you are presented with such a high-quality box is also really great. You open the lid, which is held securely in place thanks to the magnetic closure, and then look at the individual goodies inside. if desired, these can also be fixed with an inlay for an even cooler presentation.

Up to a size of 45 x 35 cm, the Premium Box can accommodate a lot.



Do you remember the feeling you had back then when you stood at one of those shelves in the kiosk and puzzled over which surprise bag contained the best surprises?

Starting now!
Because our Luckybag is probably the coolest kind of welcome box. Not only because it is completely plastic-free and 100% compostable. Simply because it brings back those childhood memories. And this time you can be sure that there are only cool goodies inside. Namely yours!

The Luckybag Onboarding Box is made from 100% compostable and biodegradable kraft paper. So it can be composted easily and you don't have to worry about plastic waste. Of course OK! COMPOST certified.

Up to a size of 40 x 50 cm, this employee box offers plenty of space for fashion or even larger goodies. One thing is for sure, the surprise is perfect!


mijo BAG BOX

Organic cotton, reusable & authentic

Probably the most beautiful alternative to the classic box, because reusable. The Tote Bag is made from 100% organic cotton (FairTrade) and can be simply printed in one colour or in a beautiful full-colour print with your logo or graphics. This way, the onboarding "box" is guaranteed to stay in use even after unpacking.

The bag box comes ready packed to you. The price includes packaging and preparation for dispatch. Therefore, there are no further costs for you.



Recycled PET - Really packs a lot

The Backpack Box is also a great alternative to the classic onboarding box. Reusable and top reliable and robust. You can choose from different backpacks. As standard, we offer you our roll-top backpack. This backpack has a volume of 45 litres and is made of recycled PET. At night, it offers a little more safety, especially for cyclists, thanks to its reflective outer skin.

The backpacks come to you ready packed. The price already includes packing and preparation for dispatch. This means that there are no further costs for you.



The style and the design. That's what counts. No one likes to wear the jumper with the company logo if the cut doesn't follow current trends or it just doesn't fit. Mijo has the latest cuts and European fits. We design your textiles so that they can be worn in the office, during meetings or at the end of the day in the bar and club. You want your company colours in your textiles? That's no problem for us either.

Onboarding Boxes

Communication of corporate values

If your company has integrated a company health management system, the employee box is a great opportunity to make your newcomers aware of the offer. A branded towel and water bottle with carabiner in the onboarding box shows that you care about the fitness of your employees.

You emphasise that your company is committed to a good work-life balance, regardless of the professional and managerial position held by the new employee.

The selection of employee gifts reflects your corporate values and conveys a modern employer image - indispensable for homogeneous employer branding.

For start-ups & corporations

Welcome box - Suitable for all industries

A welcome box is suitable for any company that wants to strengthen its employer image. The trendy boxes and the individual selection of the goodies they contain can be used effectively to achieve marketing effects.

If your employees wear a company shirt during leisure time and sports, it is free marketing and supports your employer branding. Gifts that have a practical use have a high value for new employees.

If an employee has moved to the region specifically for the job, you can show your appreciation for the move by including a local reference in the welcome box.

Welcome boxes for new employees

In start-ups, successful onboarding without an employee gift is unimaginable. An employee box from MIJO is a perfect match for the agile structures and the pronounced team consciousness of the innovation- and technology-driven high-flyers.

For new employees in established companies, the employee box provides a positive surprise effect. The ice is broken and you have reached your new employee on an emotional level. In addition, unpacking the box is a memorable experience. Depending on what you put in the box, the positive memory will be refreshed daily when using the high-quality goodies.

Your Box - Your Design

Of course, we will design your onboarding box according to your individual wishes and in your corporate design. There are various design options within the selected model. Our MIJO team will take care of the design, the complete production process and the filling of the boxes, which you can expand individually according to your wishes. If required, we can store the boxes for you.

Some companies give the boxes as original Christmas gifts to important business partners and high-value customers. If you need advice, we have lots of great ideas.