Snack boxes and gift boxes for employees.

Delicious snack boxes for your team event and great gift boxes for birthdays or to say goodbye to employees.

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The team event box.

Teams who want to give their employees a special treat. Whether for meetings, company events or as a gift box for employees, our snack box impresses with a delicious selection of treats that will enrich any team event.

The team event box contains a varied mix of sweet and savoury snacks, such as crisps, chocolate, nuts and more. A high-quality non-alcoholic drink provides a refreshing treat.

Snack box inside

Microwave popcorn

Original Chio popcorn for the microwave in sweet and savoury varieties.

Elephant Bay Mango

Refreshingly different. The lemonades from Elephant Bay come from Stuttgart and offer pleasant fruity spritzers.

Little Lunch

Something warm has to be on the plate! You can't go wrong with Little Lunch dishes. Vegan, vegetarian or with meat.
Snackbox contents

Mio Mio

Original Mio Mio Cola with no added sugar. The naturally cloudy organic lemonade with cola flavour always goes down well.

Tony's chocolate

The original from the Netherlands! The famous Dutch chocolate from UTZ and Fairtrade certified cultivation.
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The Thank You Box.

Say "thank you" in a special way with our exclusive Thank You Box - the ideal gift box for employees who are leaving the company. Show your team member how much their work was appreciated and let him or her leave with a nice memento.

From one piece

Happy Birthday Box.

Order our Birthday Box now and show your employees how important they are to your team. With this unique birthday gift for employees, you can create unforgettable moments and promote team spirit.

Snackbox contents Thank You

Delicious NicNok's

Ideal for sharing or enjoying on your own. The original NicNoks always find a buyer.

Cocktail but Zero!

Great cocktails without alcohol from Spirit. These delicious cocktails will get you in the party mood without the risk of getting a buzz.


Original M&M's peanuts in chocolate crust. Who doesn't know them?
And for new employees...

Ready-made welcome boxes.

Snack boxes for your team event

Advantages of a snack box:

Fair prices

MIJO emphasises quality and sustainability. Our price models adapt fairly to the required quantity and the desired services. So you only pay for what you need.

Renowned manufacturers

Our snack boxes consist of contents produced by reputable manufacturers. This is how we ensure a high level of quality.

High quality

All items, whether goodies or boxes, have been personally tested by us and found to be very good. For us, quality comes before quantity.

Fast delivery time

Our snack boxes are ready for dispatch within 1-3 working days and can also be sent to multiple recipients on request.

Team building

Snack boxes are perfect as a team-building activity. Whether together in the office or together in front of the screen in the home office.

Worldwide delivery

MIJO delivers directly to employees all over the world or conveniently to an address. No distance is too far for us and nothing is impossible.

Team event box or snack box with lots of snacks and drinks for team events.

Boxes for your event.

An employee gift box is the perfect way to express recognition and appreciation. These customised snack boxes motivate and boost team morale. The team box can be personalised to cater to employees' preferences and interests, making it a real surprise.

Energy and enjoyment in the office -

The snack box as a gift for employees is a tasty and healthy option to increase energy and productivity in the office. A variety of snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, chocolate or muesli bars are included to suit every team member's taste. These gift boxes are a great way to reward employees and promote a positive working atmosphere.

For a fond farewell

Offboarding Box.

The Offboarding Box is a personalised and meaningful farewell gift for employees who are leaving the company. A customised farewell gift expresses appreciation and gratitude and leaves a positive impression on departing colleagues. This strengthens the company's image and promotes loyalty between former employees and the company.

Farewell gift - a lasting memory

A farewell gift is a lasting reminder of the time spent together and creates an emotional connection to the company. The selection of personalised and useful items in the offboarding box creates an individual and unforgettable gift. Investing in such a farewell gift shows appreciation and respect and can have a positive impact on the future network and reputation of the company.

Thank You Box
Happy Birthday Box
Birthday in the office

Gift box from MIJO.

A gift box is the perfect birthday present for employees to make colleagues happy on their special day. These lovingly put together gift boxes show appreciation and strengthen the sense of community within the team. Customised gift boxes can be adapted to the preferences and interests of the birthday boy or girl, making for a personal gift.

Employee birthday present - motivation and recognition

The right gift for employees on their birthday is not only a nice gesture, but can also boost morale and motivation within the team. A creative gift box filled with small gifts such as snacks, drinks or personalised items shows that the company and colleagues care about the employee's well-being. A birthday present like this helps to create a positive working atmosphere and appreciative co-operation.