What is Corporate Fashion?

What is Corporate Fashion?

Corporate clothing rethought

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Corporate fashion - corporate clothing with a profile

Your philosophy is convincing, your web design is great and everything written comes from a professional. Perfect for representing a company to the outside world - and in many cases half the battle. But what about the clothes your employees wear at work? Do you have your team "dressed in civilian clothes" or have you given them all a uniform look of boring basic shirts? If so, you don't yet know what value corporate fashion can have for motivation and that corporate clothing is more than just a uniform appearance.

That doesn't matter - because here you'll get the information you're still missing and that will inspire you in your decision for corporate fashion We're sure that by the end of the article you'll be convinced what uniform employee clothing does and where you can find the best equipment for your team.

Corporate fashion - also visible backstage

Let's start with the basic question of whether your employees appear in public in the course of their work. Then, of course, employee clothing is particularly important. Ideally, it should reflect the values and design of your company[/strong], so that outsiders immediately recognise who they are dealing with. The most important detail of such employee clothing is your logo or slogan, which we embroider or print according to your specifications.

But even without direct customer contact, uniform employee clothing is important, because your team also moves in public outside of the professional environment. On the way to or from work alone, your people will meet numerous people. In attractively designed corporate fashion, they will be able to easily spot your company's products and services.

Last but not least, uniform clothing strengthens each employee's the sense of community. Whether the members of your team meet at work or in private, wearing corporate fashion will make them happy to see each other again and show others that they belong together in some way.

Corporate fashion - as individual as your team

However, this only works if your team feels comfortable in their staff clothing. One-size-fits-all shirts and uniform designs are not a good way to achieve this. After all, your employees are Personalities with individual dimensions and taste. To fit in perfectly with the rest of an employee's wardrobe, corporate wear needs to match their size and style.

To take this aspect into account, we offer the design of employee clothing already in smallest editions an. An order quantity of 10 pieces is sufficient for us to take action. So you can from an extensive catalogue put together exactly the corporate clothing that suits your employees. The range of corporate fashion-ready garments includes indoor and outdoor basics and matching accessories.

Corporate fashion - high-quality, durable and sustainable

hip design and the perfect fit are not enough to stand out as corporate fashion. You demonstrate the true values of your company the quality the clothing selected. Everything that you provide to staff must be Dimensionally stable, colourfast and easy to clean be. This is the only way to ensure that corporate fashion remains wearable for a long time and represents you with dignity to the outside world.

To ensure that employee clothing lives up to this claim, we cooperate with with selected producers from all parts of the world. When looking for partners to realise corporate fashion, we pay attention to ecological raw materials on the one hand; and to fair working and transport conditions on the other. Fair trade companies that focus on employee welfare in the clothing sector guarantee compliance with these principles, Environmental protection and remuneration.

Thus the Corporate Fashion of your company a feature you can be proud of - because it looks good, fits perfectly, is kind to the environment and makes clothes that every employee likes to wear.

Selection and design

We support you with any creative work. From design to prints & co. Together with our designers we develop your perfect Corproate Fashion.

MIJO-BRAND - Zenjob T-Shirt Collection 
MIJO-BRAND - MIJO Production of textiles 


We produce for you from the smallest quantities. So if you are a small team, you can also start an enquiry with us. We produce our textile goods in selected studios and factories in Turkey, Portugal and Asia. We pay attention to sustainable and fair production branches.

MIJO = staff uniforms

We create cool corporate fashion design for you and provide ingenious corporate clothing that is also worn outside of work. Corporate Fashion Düsseldorf Style. That's all you need.

With Mijo, you get cool employee clothing that not only looks good but is also of very high quality. We produce our staff clothing sustainably and ecologically.

Of course, we can also create your corporate fashion design for you. Mijo is a fulfilment company. You just tell us what corporate wear you want and we'll create the perfect design. Then we produce your employee clothing and even store the corporate fashion for you.