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Corporate fashion - but stylish

Just your logo on the clothes? Sure, if you want - but we at MIJO want more for you! We want to turn your brand, your company into fashion. Cool and stylish clothes that people also like to wear outside the office. That's our goal and that's how you as a company get the greatest added value -> your employees become brand ambassadors.

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And that already from 10 pieces. We produce for small and large, no matter where or who. In our factory in Emsland, small quantities are finished by hand and become your very own fashion piece.

Thanks to our studios in Turkey, we can also produce commercial quantities and orders. So we produce not only fashion for corporates but also for direct sale in retail and wholesale.



Thanks to our in-house finishing and numerous finishing options during production, we can bring your CI onto the textile in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

No matter where, no matter how big, no matter how many colours. Of course, you will receive your personal design sheet with drafts and mockups of your clothes from our design team beforehand.

Fashion for start-ups

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At Mijo, we don't just make employee clothing. We make awesome corporate fashion that kicks all other corporate clothing's butt.

We succeed because we know what's hot at the moment and which target group follows which style. We have the ideal textiles for all age groups.

Mijo makes Corporate Fashion for start-ups and companies that attach great importance to good employee branding. That's why we turn employees into brand ambassadors. And we guarantee that the employee clothing will continue to attract attention after work.

Your clothing in cool

Zenjob Hoodie

Do you know how many of your employees use public transport to get to work? I'm sure quite a few. And do you know how many people are on the public transport in the morning and walk past your employees or notice them? That's right, quite a lot.

With corporate fashion from Mijo that doesn't look like normal company clothing, we ensure a brand presence. Exactly when your employees are surrounded by many people.

Cool jackets for rainy days with a classy embroidery or a well-fitting shirt or polo shirt? We have a lot in store and create really cool employee clothing for you. Polo shirt? We have a lot in store and create really cool employee clothing for you.

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We attach great importance to sustainability when it comes to corporate clothing. All our articles are manufactured in-house in Germany and are subject to audited standards.

For example, our Goodies and garments have Oeko-Tex, Vegan-Made, OK-COMPOST or FairTrade certification, which means that everyone can make their contribution to ecologically sustainable and, above all, environmentally friendly employee clothing.

The combination of employee branding and corporate fashion allows every employee to become part of your marketing concept.