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Your brand as an individual collection

In addition to our standard collection, we also offer you the opportunity to create your own clothes. This way, all the details of your brand come to the fore. We take care of the design, the production and also the storage and shipping of your corporate collection.

We produce your individual styles in our studios in Turkey and finish them in our factory in Lower Saxony. Everything is done according to European, ecological and ethical standards. This is how we guarantee the highest quality and fair production.

we push your corporate feelings

InFarm - urban farming
100% local

This is Infarm and your twon is their Vegetable garden.

For InFarm we produce a complete collection consisting of shirts, hoodies, trousers and accessories. To ensure that every employee receives his or her outfit, we have our own employer shop with worldwide shipping. Of course in full-filment including storage and returns processing.

Boxine - We are the Tonies

The Toniebox brings exciting stories into every child's room

For Boxine, we have developed cool outfits for everyday use. From sweatshirts to socks, everything is included to casually wander through Düsseldorf in the Tonies look. We have paid attention to a discreet design. High-quality materials and constant availability via the Employer Shop are of course guaranteed.


MIJO-BRAND - lime 
MIJO-BRAND - circunomics 
MIJO-BRAND - amazon 
MIJO-BRAND - livebuy 
MIJO-BRAND - new monday 
MIJO-BRAND - vaha 
MIJO-BRAND - infarm 
MIJO-BRAND - apeiron 
MIJO-BRAND - tonies 
MIJO-BRAND - bullfinch 
MIJO-BRAND - Nimble 
MIJO-BRAND - MIJO Client Chanel