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Not in the mood for "standard"? We create your very own individual fashion pieces. Our corporate collections are specially tailored to your wishes, ideas and needs. You've never experienced corporate fashion like this before.
From the idea to the finished piece, from snapbacks to mules. Let your creativity run free.



MIJO-BRAND - lime 
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MIJO-BRAND - MIJO Client Chanel 

Your company - Your brand

Employer branding

Employer branding as part of the brand development of companies has long been established in the German economy. Currently, so-called "employee branding" is still less well known. Although employee branding is a good personnel strategy. We explain employer and Employee Branding and show you the differences.

Corporate brand development is very much in vogue. Employer branding is known to almost everyone and employee branding is also slowly catching up. Mijo offers Startups and companies the perfect products and concepts in both variants. Mijo is your startup branding and employer branding agency.

Employee branding offers many advantages

With Employee Branding employees become brand ambassadors. Cool Corporate Fashion or helpful goodies that people also like to wear or use in everyday life are the best option here. Mijo designs and produces corporate fashion and merchandise that employees are guaranteed to use outside the office.
Employee branding can be described as an employee brand. This means that founders and owners can expect many benefits from employee branding or start-up branding.

Employees get a better "we" feeling through corporate fashion Merchandise and identify more quickly and more readily with a company. In this way, employees wear and spread their own logo outside the office.

Already from 30 pieces


Perfect for this is also our Welcome box for new employees. This onbaording box really puts the office in a good mood. New employees love this box and immediately get a better image of the company. Unlike employee branding, employer branding is a task that can only be tackled by the Business itself. Employer branding is about start-ups or companies that want to build their own brand. This means that everything that leads to your company being perceived by employees as a good employer is great employer branding.

Purpose of employer branding

The main purpose of employer branding is to position oneself well on the labour market in order to get talented employees and young talents as easily as possible. Mijo offers perfect goodies and onboarding boxes for this purpose. New employees receive a welcome box with useful goodies for a good start in their new job. Of course, these Goodies are selected in such a way that they can also be integrated into the private environment.

We have everything you need

Mijo offers different onboarding boxes. Our Green Box is sustainable and compostable. With the Premium Box, the employee receives a high-quality magnetic box that has a very cool look and feel. Here, too, we naturally attach importance to sustainability and Co2-reduced production.